My name is Stan Rogozhin. 

I'm Director of commercials.  For last 7 years I'm focused on cars.

My clients are from all around the world.  I have created commercials for global brands, such as MAZDA, PORSCHE, AUDI, SKODA. 

I'm engaged in the advertisement industry for more than 15 years. My career began at the position of the 

1st- director, where i worked on more than 500 commercials. That gave me the expertise of the whole process of shooting at all stages.  Since i'm the Director I know exactly how to reach the desired effect, give the right feeling or create atmosphere in my commercials. 

And cars are passion.

At the moment my interests is world American Directors Agency "GoEastFilms" in N.Y. 

All questions regarding future projects, please contact through my agent, whose contacts are listed below.

Good luck in all your endeavors.